SELC Career College expects students to meet and adhere to a code of conduct while completing a program of study.
The list below outlines the code of conduct that all students are expected to follow. This list is not exhaustive and students should request clarification from the Program Director if they have any questions.

“Student” is defined as including prospective students as well as those currently registered or enrolled in any SELC Career College programs or activity.

The Code of Conduct students are expected to follow includes:

  • Attend school in accordance with the Attendance Policy.
  • Treat all students and staff with respect.
  • Refrain from any disruptive or offensive classroom behavior.  This includes any jokes or comments that refer in a degrading manner to race, ethnicity, sexuality or religious orientation.
  • Refrain from cheating or plagiarism in completing class assignments.
  • Treat school property with respect.
  • Refrain from bringing weapons of any kind (i.e. knives, guns) to school.
  • Complete all assignments and examinations on the scheduled completion dates.
  • Refrain from bringing any alcohol or any prohibited mood altering substances to the Institution.
  • Any other conduct which is determined to be detrimental or damaging to the other students, staff members or the Institution.

Any of the following, if substantiated, will result in immediate dismissal without a warning letter or probationary period:

  • Sexual assault.
  • Physical assault or other violent acts committed on or off campus against any student.
  • Verbal abuse or threats.
  • Vandalism of school property.
  • Theft.

Students who do not meet the expected code of conduct may be subject to immediate dismissal from the institution depending on the severity of the misconduct.

Concerns related to a student’s conduct shall be referred to the Managing Director to process in accordance with this Policy.

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