History and Culture since 1985

SELC was founded in 1985 in the city of Sydney making us one of the longest established schools. SELC Canada opened its doors in Vancouver in 2012 and since then SELC Vancouver has developed its own culture and unique atmosphere, which separates us from larger, less personal schools. Students arriving at SELC for the first time are usually surprised at the range and quality of the excellent facilities SELC has to offer and they immediately gain a sense of the more personal and nurturing learning environment which is an integral part of SELC’s culture.

Quality and Variety

Our dedication to academic excellence and personal service provides every kind of language learner with an unforgettable, unique learning and cultural experience. SELC is a medium-sized boutique school with more than 15 staff and between 80 and 150 students at our centrally located campus. SELC provides a wide range of interesting courses, excellent facilities and highly qualified, experienced teachers, as well as individual, personalised and friendly service to students of all ages and cultures.

Study and Career Pathways

SELC offers a wide range of study pathways to Universities and Colleges, including SELC Career College Canada.
At SELC Career College, students have the opportunity to learn from up-to- date trainers with real industry experience.

Students from both the language and career colleges benefit from SELC’s career advisor who upon their arrival will provide students with advice on adjusting to the workplace in Australia and Canada.

As part of our Career Pathway Program, SELC organises workshops with industry professionals, assists students with their CV, job seeking and applications and interview techniques.


A truly International Experience

Our student body is made up of people from over 15 different countries from all parts of Europe, Asia and South America. This diverse cultural mix helps to create the college’s special atmosphere. We offer students the chance to learn English and also to learn about cultures from all over the world.

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Academic Excellence and Support

At SELC every student is provided with a unique opportunity to improve their English ability and see a more rapid progression during their course in all language skills as a result of:

  • the quality and experience our teachers- SELC teachers are all well qualified and take part in an ongoing professional development program. All of our dynamic SELC teachers are university graduates and experienced certified second language instructors and are known for being friendly and helpful
  • the structure of our programs include skills electives and extra workshops- our flexible timetable which is suitable for students on any type of visa with a variety of different goals for their language learning
  • the high level of support provided by our dedicated team- including academic counselling and progress reports for all SELC students from day one of every SELC student’s English program

Location and Facilities

SELC Canada is situated in the heart of the trendy Gastown district in the lovely city of Vancouver, one of its most culturally diverse and historical neighbourhoods. SELC also offers a comfortable learning environment with up-to- date facilities in a quaint historic building.

English Only Policy- Learn to think in English

When students arrive at SELC for their first day orientation we begin their introduction to the Canadian lifestyle and culture by providing encouragement to begin ‘thinking in English’ both in and outside the classroom as we believe that it is only through practicing English that it is truly learned.

Inside SELC our English Only policy is positively enforced and students are rewarded for interacting in English with our teachers and friendly staff as well as students from other nationalities but most importantly with students from their own nationality at all times.

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